Question: How do I get a 'no - relationship' affidavit attested required for processing resident visa of a maid?
1. Personal presence of the applicant(Husband and wife) with his/her/their valid passport in original and copy (first / last and valid visa page).
2. Housemaid should be above 30 years of age.
3. Photocopies of the first and last page of the housemaid's passport.
4. Both the husband and wife have to apply for this service together. Spouse Name should be endorsed in both passports.
 Attestation Fee  :  AED 40
 ICWF Fee  :  AED 8
 Service Fee  :  AED 4.50
 Total Payable  :  AED 52.50

*Additional documents may be needed depending upon the documents presented for attestation. Document is processed the same day within 45-60 minutes of submission
Note: All employers recruiting a Housemaid/Houseboy/Driver needs to be registered on the website "https://emigrate.gov.in/ext/" as a Foreign Employer. This registration form needs to be submitted while applying for No-relation certificate.
If the maid has a ECR( Emigration Check Required) passport, No-Relation Affidavit cannot be issued unless the maid is in India. If the maid is in UAE, she needs to be sent back to India. 
All affidavits should be typed. Handwritten affidavits will no longer be accepted

No Relation Affidavit for Housemaid sponsorship

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